R2D2 Project

Utility Arms and Frame

R2s Utility Arms

The utility arms are on the front of R2s body and are seen in use early in the film when one of them flips out to press a button on the escape hatch door. The arm seen in the film is solid with ridges on the inside. 

The arms fit inside the utility frame, which in turn sides and bolts into the main body.

The arms are held in place by 2 printed poles that slide into the frame and go into each arm.


Each arm has a washer on the top and bottom of its hinge to stop the arm moving up and down.

I found that after painting the arms they didn't fit the frame as well. So I have modified Mr Bradley's original files and made the arms less high. If you want to use my modified arms you can get them here.

I have designed a skin that covers the gaps inside the frame to tidy it up. The skin can be printed and stuck to the frame. You can get this from the thingiverse link above. 


The utility arms are controlled by two MG996R servo motors attached to arms inside R2s body.

The servo motors are controlled by a Raspberry Pi Zero W

For more information on this see https://youtu.be/l7lMmj6AbOc


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