R2D2 Project

Head Rotation

R2s head rotates via a Lazy Susan

What is a Lazy Susan?

Thomas Jefferson invented the Lazy Susan in the 18th century. Its basically a rotating circle.. Modern versions are made up of 2 circles. One fits in the other and are held together with small  bearings, which allow the inner or outer circle to turn. R2s dome is attached to the inner circle. I got my Lazy Susan from Ebay for £19

Prepare the Lazy Susan.

Lazy Susan's come with a few drilled out holes, but the rest are part drilled holes with plastic plugs in them. 

First put masking tape over the gap between the 2 rings to stop metal shavings getting in the gap when you drill out the holes.

Then remove the plastic plugs on the outer and inner rings and drill out 4mm holes adding a countersink after to each one.


M4 x 80mm bolts sit in the countersunk holes in the susan's inner ring and hold the gear ring in place with 2 nuts

The rest  of the bolt will hold the dome onto the inner ring.

The Lazy Susan's out ring is held in place by bolts that are attached to the top ring. Again these are held onto the top ring with 2 nuts. The top ring is screwed into R2s Body.

For more information on this see https://youtu.be/VL6NjYcGnEg


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