R2D2 Project

Leg Assembly

Legs, Horseshoes, Ancles & Toes

R2D2 is supported by two outer legs and feet, and a smaller third retractable leg. 

Mark Baddeley's  MK2 build doesn't have a retractable small leg. Instead you can remove the 3rd leg and manually change R2 to 2 leg mode.

Each of the 2 main legs are made up of 49 parts and 24 magnets s (10mm x 5mm rare metal magnets).

While you can print the leg parts at 10% I would recommend at least 30% if using PLA.  And the Upper and Lower plates at 100%

Once you have printed and sanded the leg parts, start gluing together  the main parts of the leg (see the photo)

Don't stick the ancle on to the main leg yet as the ancle bracelet needs to be painted silver first. So the leg and ancle should be built and painted before you stick them together.

You can see space for magnet's in the shoulder and booster covers. So avoid getting paint in those.


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